Related to not reciving any scholarship mail after giving test

i am samidha bharle want to make you aware of that i didn’t receive any mail of scholarship as after giving test iot and machine learning test and scoring enough marks to get scholarship after that i also received message on my mobile phone that you have sent me mail and it is valid till tonight 12 but i didn’t receive such email to access my scholarship in that video you have mentioned that i will be getting mail but i didn’t receive it and hence is very upset wanted to make aware of same

i guess u given the wrong email id while submitting the details at the end of the test . try one more chance to take the test with proper mail id with correct details .

their may be the possibility of the link expire or the seats are full for the given qouta


From our system logs I can see that the email was sent to your other email “”. I can see that you have opened the email as well.

Do let us know if you need any more help from our end.