Removing bolt device

How can I remove the Bolt device linked to my account ?


You can unlink the device from your account by removing the access of everyone listed in the sharing list.

Here is a link which shows you the steps to access the sharing list of a device.

In the Bolt cloud page,click on the device tab on your left side.
And then click on the three dots icon in the main page which appears on the right side.
In that click the device info icon and then this displays a dialogue box which as the details of the device ,press the disconnect button to remove your bolt device…

it is showing bolt not connected

Hello, If you want to remove your bolt device without any harm and sort then you have just do one thing is that unlink your bolt device first as shown below link there after you can plug it out your bolt device usb port from laptop or adaptor. It is very safe way to remove our device…