Repeated: Course access 3

I purchased the IoT and ML course last december. I recieved an email to confirm my email id. The link lead to an error page. I logged in to the bolt trainings website with my gmail Id. But i did not have any purchased courses in my account. The website is asking me to purchase the course again. I am unable to start the course because of this.

@lucklaku Hey contact these guys with the issue

please also try to contact them on

@lucklaku Please message with the order ID using which you had purchased the bolt kit.

You must have got an e-mail regarding the tips you should follow to access the online training after you have received the bolt IOT kit. Follow those instructions in the mail. The mail provides you with a coupon code worth rs $130. Go to the main page of bolt IOT and click on enroll now and fill in your details to sign up and add your coupon code in it. Doing this you will be able to access your training program.

You must have got an email regarding tips to access online training. Go to the main page of IOT BOLT and enroll for course worth $130 and apply coupon. You will be able to access your training on doing so

You got a msg regarding coupon code when you purchased bolt iot kit use this code and insert on to the buy course worth $130 and fill required details then you can access your course.