Repeated: Training course access

it has been nearly 4 days I got my bolt kit but my course is still pending

Training Access: after the students completed the payment they will get a mail from to access the training. The mail is sent 2 days after the COD payment is completed.

I you have not got the mail then they can visit and create an account using the same email ID that they used while registering for the training.

I have signed up into the bolt cloud as well but it is not giving me any access to the course.

Ya i did that still not working .
The payment status is still awaiting

I have registered their but after i recieved the kit i didnot got any email

Write a mail to
May be it will help you

First, go to and then go to
1.My account.
2. Training.
3. Click on the Go To Course to access the course and the videos.


Hello tithimukherjee,
It takes 2-3 days to access the courses after your order is delivered.

thankyou so much everyone <3 . i just skipped the email


The solution to this thread has been given on following post

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