Replit Linux and Python Programming Issue

Pls see the images given above carefully.
I have been using the replit platform for linux and python coding.
but any of the linux or python commands are not working in the replit platform.
Pls help me to solve the problem .
I have also tried setting up ubuntu using vmware , but my computer is of windows 7 and computer needs to be at least windows 8 or higher to install vmware.
And so I had opened account on replit. pls solve this problem and explain to me that why this was happening.
I will be really be grateful for your knowledge and patience.

Thank you and have a nice day.

In the third picture as u shared in that you used the sudo nano it is the file name that we have to store the file , in the 4th picture as you typed the python3–version if u type in the python code it will show error u can start the direct python code that which should be run . then it will not show error.

Let me share u the example :
we have project no. 7 Controlling LED using bolt python Library

as u have to save the folder first by this and u can start ur python code to run

Thank you very much Bhargavi, I will try it out

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let me know wheather it is solved or not prithwis

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Hi @indoorubhargavi

If you are are using then you do not need to install the libraries separately. Just write the code in the code editor and run it, will automatically install all the required dependencies and libraries. Also linux commands like sudo do not work on If incase you need to run simple commands like checking your python version etc , you can type the commands in the Shell tab( on right hand side)

Thanks @sneharsh.kerkar
Yes , I completed my projects on that :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, thank u very much , now it is working perfectly fine.

Thank you for your dedication and efforts


Hi, If you’re using Replit, here’s a heads-up just for you: You don’t have to worry about installing libraries separately. Nope, none of that hassle here! Just jump into the code editor, start typing your code, hit run, and does the rest. It’s like having your own personal assistant for dependency management.

Now, about those Linux commands like ‘sudo’ – they don’t quite work the same way on Replit. But don’t sweat it! If you need to do something simple, like checking your Python version, just pop over to the Shell tab on the right-hand side. It’s your go-to spot for those quick tasks.