Resistors needed for switch

I would like to know what resistors are required to use with the switch provided along with the bolt wifi module.

Can u clearly specify for what u Need the switch

Any resistor would be ok as the function of switch is to connect/disconnect the circuit only.

Rule of thumb is 10k is adequate to protect against voltage drop caused by button.

explaination- when you release the push-button, the system doesn’t know what is connected to input pin, so the pin is floating, it’s exposed to noises and the software will read HIGH and LOW non-uniformly. To fix that problem, it’s necessary a pull-up or pull-down resistor. The pull-up resistor is connected to 5V and then connected to the first button’s leg. The pin goes between the resistor and the button’s leg. This way, when the button is open, the input pin is HIGH, but when it’s pressed, it goes to LOW.