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in the intial boltduino code upload setup as shown in the videos,the ports section does not show the port,boltduino is connected to.(COM3 and COM4 in my case)
hence not able to upload the code.
what’s the solution?


It can only connect with any one of the ports.

To check, which port your boltduino is connected with,

For windows -

  1. Go to Start > Search “Device Manager”.
  2. Open Device Manager, and look for ‘Ports’ in the list.
  3. Click On the arrow button beside the ‘Ports’. And a list of connected ports will be visible. Keep the names in mind.
  4. Insert the USB cable of boltduino to the PC. You’ll see a change and an extra added port in the ‘Ports’ List.
  5. Beside the name, the COM will be written. Keep the port name in mind.
  6. From Arduino IDE, make sure to select the correct port. And Choose Arduino UNO as the board.

Let me know if you still face issues.

didnt notice any change in the ports list as mentioned in point 4.


Does the LED on your Boltduino light up? It will make a notification sound, like the way when you connect a USB Pendrive.

there’s constant green light and blinking orange light.But no notification sound when i plug in the boltduino.


Have you tried connecting to the other USB ports, and also with different wires?

Let me know if you still face the issue.

yes,tried with other ports and two different cables.


Shoot a video of the whole thing.

Show the default ports list - Connect the Boltduino to PC, the light being turned ON - The ports list after connection

Then upload it to the drive, and send the link over here.

@akshayan.sinha ,

Here is the link to the video.


Please make the link PUBLIC.

i have made it public.


Is that a metal/iron/steel table your Board is on?



The table is a conductor in itself. As you can see behind the board, the solderings(pins) are conductors. So, there is a chance your Arduino board is shorted, and may not function anymore.

There is also a chance that it might work if you continue to keep it above an insulator (paper / cloth).
After connecting the port, close and reopen the device manager.

Warning: DO NOT KEEP the Bolt module or boltduino on any conductor surface.

wont work even if the insulator is used.


Send a mail to and ask whether a replacement could be made.

Mention that you were unaware and connected the device while it was kept on a conducting surface. Shoot another video, this time use an insulating surface and show that the device is not being read. Attach the video link along with the mail.

I was unaware of this possibility and there were no warnings in the beginning of the course.
This could happen to anyone.So,it is important to have a disclaimer in the beginning.


I got your point. That’s why I mentioned that you were unaware.

Not only beginners, top professionals make this small mistake as well. Write the email with the mentioned details and we’ll look if a replacement is possible.

Most likely, your boltduino should be replaced, so you don’t have to panic about that.

Do let me know, if you have any other query,

my wifi module is also damaged and i have written a mail asking for replacement.
But haven’t recieved any response yet.Please check into it.


Your bolt module replacement was ready for dispatch yesterday, you’ll receive it by next week.