Room light monitoring project

Is this all right??

It may come the same values if the intensity of light is same and yeah check for a day and then see if you get the same values or not. Give the default time and then you check the values in the bolt cloud.

your program has no error but the main point is to get sms when the intensity of light change. Take the help of torch and try to get the sms … if your program is all right thn you will sms, if you dont get sms you know what to do

Yes your code is working.If the intensity of light in the room dost not change the same value will be shown until it changes.try to close all the doors so then your intensity value changes or try to switch on more lights then intensity of light increses and you will get notified if it crosses maximum limit.

The LDR is showing the maximum value constantly here. Probably try covering the LDR with your hand or try to cover it partially using a dark cloth. You can also try to switch off the lights. This way some amount of variation in the values can be seen. Also note that, an anomaly is detected using Z score analysis only when there is a sudden change in the sensor value i.e the light intensity. If there is a gradual increase or decrease in the light intensity value, the bounds for the system will also change to match the slow change in intensity so anomaly is not detected. Only if an anomaly is detected the SMS is sent. So try introducing drastic changes by sudden flashing of light or switching off the lights and see the variation. You will probably receive the SMS. Even if this doesn’t work try changing the multiplication factor and frame size in the file and retry.