Second time setup of Bolt IoT device over mobile hotspot

Hello everyone,
I’ve setup my Bolt IoT device over the same WiFi Hotspot of my android phone from which I configured it. For the first time, I followed all the steps as shown in the mobile app, while choosing a WiFi network to connect on I specified my own mobile’s hotspot, it worked fine. Then, I disconnected it & turned it off. The next day when I turned it on, I could see that Bolt device has started its own hotspot so I had to reconfigure it again following the same steps. Isn’t it possible to set the default mode of the device on WiFi instead of WiFi hotspot because I had to reconfigure the device now & then to connect over my mobile hotspot?

Hello @skyhigh

For the second time when you connect your bolt WiFi module, it will automatically connect to your android phone through its hotspot as it has remembered it. You don’t need to reconfigure it again and again each time. You just need to turn on everything to start working and connection will be done automatically.
If you want to change the mobile then you can forget the WiFi credentials in the app and restart again.

Hope this will help.

Thank you so much @Debashish , I was actually disconnecting it from the cloud dashboard everytime I finished the work maybe that’s the reason I had to configure it now & then. Now I just disconnect the board from the USB of the PC & it connects again to the cloud when the power is restored. No need of reconfiguration.

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