Send data from VM to Bolt Cloud

I want to be able to send the data in the VM, I have received from sensors to the Bolt Clod to plot a graph.
Can anyone tell me how can it be done?

Hi @vishesh.agarwal20121, Do explore the Bolt Python Library. Using it, you can calls the Bolt Cloud API via your code. Here are the lessons within the training including it: Setup the Bolt Python Library | Bolt IoT

You may have to do some digging around to get it working according to your needs, but this seems like an appropriate place to start.

Let me know if this helps.

Your data is simply going to bolt cloud from there you can collect the .csv or .xsl file and can import in your VM using bolt python library

How can we do that could you give us a piece of code?

Kindle refer to bolt python library or if required python documentation their you can see how to import the .csv or .xsl file