Send the data from bolt cloud to an android application

I want to make an Android application using the data I send to my Bolt cloud. How can I send the data from my cloud to the app, I also know that I have to use the API(I read the document of APIs in the docs.boltiot), but I don’t know how

Hi @noor.cher Please go through this forum link - Can you please tell me how to integrate bolt api in a website or an android app its urgent need - #2 by PPV

It can help you with your query and if you still don’t get the idea them do let me know.

I read the topic but still don’t know how to send the data to my flutter application

@noor.cher Please go through the API Documentation.

You can call the Bolt Cloud API to fetch data from your bolt devices via your app. Say for example you have to read the analog data from the Bolt Cloud, you can do the following:

Command : analogRead

Similarly for the other functionalities, such as writing data to the Bolt Device. The API documentation covers all of these.