Set up of bolt account

I have ordered the kit today… I have made an account and verified …whay is the next step I have to do?

wait for the bolt kit,then start your training

You need to wait till your Bolt kit reaches you. Then, you will get an email in which further steps will be mentioned which will led you access the training.

You kit will be delivered in a week or so…after you get it check all the components and then you can kick start!!

After getting your kit don’t be in a hurry to open fast as the bolt device should not be touched on the pins and you should hold it on the corners as it is delicate,if your holding is not correct then you might face that device may not work for your projects. so first go through the instructions thoroughly and make sure you are understand. All the best for your start on IOT.

Hello @erinepereira27, after you receive your kit you need to go to

Login with the same email and password that you have used while ordering the kit.
(If you have Sign in with Google, click on ‘Sign in with Google’ and login)
After you have logged in you will get a page like this:

Under ‘Your training orders’ section, you need to see you order’s payment status.
-If it’s ‘Awaiting delivery confirmation’ then you need to wait for few days until the payment status becomes ‘paid’
After the payment status is ‘paid’.
Click on ‘Go to course’.
Next you will get a page like this click on ‘Enroll in training’

Fill all the details and click ‘Sign up’.

After enrolling you get a page, click on ‘Continue to course’

You will get all the videos of the training.

You can see this video in which all the steps that I have mentioned are there:

Note: You need to do all this process in Laptop or PC not on your mobile.

Hiii… @erinepereira27, plz study this lecture very carefully about how to handle the kit.

You will be alert while handling the kit, once it reaches you.

Hi @erinepereira27, now you just have to wait for the training kit to be delivered and then you will be getting an email through which you can access your course. At the beginning of the course there will be modules which will help you walk through the steps to be taken to get started with your training kit. I hope this gives you the gist of what would happen next after creating and verifying your account.