Setting up bolt

i am facing lot of problem in setting up bolt .even i tried all the steps using sd card reader ,once i did it and the led was constant .using the same steps i connected to other wifi router this time the led was blinking continuously,i coudnt make it constant.i want to operate with method 2 with laptop .
in sd card (BS.TXT) what should be the bolt name ,is it the same as bolt host name.

Hi ! Apologies for the trouble. Did you check out the process listed at: Bolt Setup Debugging WiFi Connection

Have you checked your WiFi SSID and password? Are you sure its correct ?


Can you post a screenshot of your BS.txt file here



Is the name of your wifi LE2 and password LOKESH11 are in capitals? These are case sensitive.

yes they are in capital letters
and it is a wifi hot spot


If the LED is not becoming stable can , you try connecting it to the same hotspot to which it had become stable. If problem persists with that hotspot do let me know we’ll replace the bolt for you in case of manufacturing defect.

yes i tried with other hotspots and even tried with wifi router but no use

if there is any other way plz let me know
and in case if you replace the bolt how much time will it take in shipping.

Hi, we shall replace your bolt in that case, but please do send a video of the bolt to