SMS not received

I am trying to run the code for “sending an SMS when temperature crosses threshold”. It’s the same code as given in the course. I have debugged the program also. No errors. Yet I’m not getting the output. I have attached a screenshot below

Hello @omkargrd641999.or
please cheak your maximum limit value in code
if correct than change the value and try to run code again
Hope this information is useful for you


It shows maximum limit is not defined. so you have to define the maximum value in the cooding part. And here i can see there is a series of sensor value displaying 1024. May be you should check your hardware connection get connected properly if there is loose connection. If not then inform me.

check the limit of he values given as threshold and check the connections and also the code if some code may be wrong and that will not have any error.

Make sure you have done all the connections properly.This is because your temperature sensor is over heating. Make sure you have connected it correctly placing it on the correct side on the circuit board. I had this same problem for which i stopped the code and made the correct circuit connection and do the process after the sensor have cooled down. hope it works!