Submission of capstone project from exam perspective

As guided after submission of capstone project slide while training,i have submitted the project by sending an email on as well as to sir yeshwant naik for safer side.will it be considered for exam ???

First of all congratulations to you man that you have completed and submitted the capstone project and don’t worry your project will be considered and be confident for the results after you will give the final exam and answer the two questions on and upload any of the project you want from your choice on
And the criteria to submit capstone project is below :-

To finish the capstone project you have to make a PDF document with all the photos and screenshots. All the photos and screenshots should be grouped as per the objective, and along with title as the objective for each one of them, and submit it by emailing it with the subject line “Capstone project submission”

@j.kulkarni You will also need to create a project on and send that link in the exam when asked for it.

In capstone project, can i combine the objectives…like can i submit the code for sending email by combining threshold and z-score together in one code para. And is code explanation required?

you are doing a capstone project as it includes all the main related topics that were taught in the course ,it is a cummulative topic project which you have to do in your own without any instructions given by the tutor except the problem statement,this helps you to revise all the finished topics and builds your confidence.
for the final exam you have to a final project in and submit the link there.