Telegram Code tabs and spaces Indentation

Can Anyone help me with this I saved my configuration file as confi so nothing wrong in that.
I didnt leave any spaces but still its showing error

Take your text cursor to ‘r’ of response. Then keep pressing BACKSPACE till it reaches the end of ‘try:’.
After that press ENTER. Wherever your line ‘response - mybolt…’ ends up in, keep data and if condition under the same line.

Do the same with the print statement under if condition, if you get the error on that line later.

Let me know if you still face the issue.

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You saved the configuration file as conf i , but you have used conf in send_telegram_message in the url and data block. So you have to modify this also by changing it to conf i.


Thank You My Friend !! i have removed unwanted spaces I got no error, But when I execute i doesnt print any values

Look at this as well !!

yes I saw that but I removed that codes because still I get no outputs from boltiot class telegram code 1

You are not calling any function. Mention the pin you want to read.

  1. For pin 0, call the function by writing a new line - get_sensor_…_pin(0)
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I am confused. What do you want to do? Read the data and do what with it?

Is this your first python code?