Telegram error: Always show unauthorized

it Always show unauthorized i have checked bot id and chat id but dont know why it shows always unauthorized how to resolve this error??

I too am facing the same problem. Although, everything went quite well until I recieve the value at my Ubuntu Server but the Telegram Response is always showing false.

There is difference in my error code and description.

Kindly Help. It would be appreciated.

@rahul.singh1 Sir, Please reply.

I think that your chat id or bot id is not correct!! kindly check again thats why it shows description = “Not Found”

@choksidhrumil2000 Sir,

I have already checked my chat id and bot id and also checked it after reading your reply. But the problem still seems to persist.

So, I just wanna ask you whether I create a new channel and bot and try running the code.

I got the same error .kindly check your bot_id and chat_id. you may place the zero instead of uppercase “o” in the bot_id.

Hey @anithapandidurai ,

Thank you for replying, I got my results correctly. I checked my code and it was all correct. But the problem was still there. So I created a new channel and bot and tried running my code with new id’s.

I got my satisfactory results. It seems that the problem was there in my bot.:sweat_smile:

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