Telegram issue: new channel making not allowed

telegram New channel says: Sorry, you’re not allowed to do this.

please help

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@gangwaranant Can you share a screenshot of the error? Where are you trying to do this?

I’m trying this in Iphone Telegram app.

Access Your telegram in Safari Browser through and open those channels then forward those files which you want to download into My Cloud( your own Phone Number ).

Then access them in My Cloud in telegram App on iPhone…

@gangwaranant Not sure what the issue is. Have you used a unique channel name?

sir,just try it again
Go to the home screen of the Telegram app.
Swipe from the left side to reveal the menu.
Click on “New Channel”.
It will ask you for a Name and Description for your channel. Give a suitable name and description. Adding photo is optional.
In the next screen set the channel as Public.
On the same screen, it will ask you to enter a permanent link for your channel. You can use lowercase letters and numbers 0-9 to create the channel link.
You have created a new channel. You can also view this channel from your app home screen

Thanks for helping. Don’t need further assistance.:blush: