Temperature and Humidity Alert

I am building a project when can detect temperature and humidity using dht22 sensor and display on lcd and send alert on telegram channel if it crosses the threshold value. Is it possible to do both the things simultaneously using the Bolt Iot and the Arduino?

Yes , you can do it. Please check below link.
Arduino_bolt lib

Hi @Rahul_15 ,
Yes, you can do it simultaneously using the Bolt Python Library and Bolt Arduino Library. Connect the sensor and the display to the Arduino and connect Arduino and Bolt using UART. You can use the Bolt Python Library to communicate with Arduino using UART via Bolt Cloud, pull the data, and send data to Arduino and Telegram Bot. The bolt Arduino library helps you write code for the UART communication on the Arduino side. Do let me know if you are having trouble in using any of the libraries or in writing the code or need any other help.