Test given and project completed

Where should I submit my project link to get my training completed and earn certificate


Keep the preview link with you in any notepad or document file. During the certification exam, you’ll be asked to paste the link in it.

I have given the test already just I need to submit project


Which course are you referring to?

Bolt community workshop on iot and ml


Do you mean Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning?

During the examination, the first 2 questions were regarding the project link and forum link. You were supposed to submit the link during the examination itself.

Please go through point no. 7 on https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/9519051

Due to covid I was not able to do project so I have given test . now I done project so what next should I do ?


In that case, you could delay the certification exam. Have you received your certificate already?

No I have not received the certificate .


When did you give the exam?

I have given test on 20 July 2021


Have you submitted the forum links during the examination?

No during that time I was not able to submit the links of project


Forum link and Project links are separate.

After the examination, you might have received the result along with the certificate. That is the final certificate in your case. There is no way you can resubmit your links if you haven’t submitted any during the examination.

In case of covid, you could delay the certification exam and should have given some other time when you were feeling better. There was no fixed date for taking up the exam.

It is clearly mentioned in point no. 2 of https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/9519051 that ‘The test can be given only ONE time. Please do not give the test if you have not completed the course or have not built a project/answered questions on forum.boltiot.com.

To receive a link to the certificate in case you haven’t downloaded it after your results were out, check the spam/junk mail of your registered email ID, you might have received a mail from Bolt IoT. In case your didn’t, mail to support@boltiot.com and mention that you haven’t downloaded the certificate, and need a link to be able to download it.

Do let me know if you have any other query.

They said after verification they will send certificate

Hi @rohithugar81

I am inviting @shobhit.kumawat to help you with this query.

Hey @rohithugar81,

As mentioned in the above mail, the links that you have submitted are not valid links. You need to submit the link to forum questions and project to support@boltiot.com. Once done, our team will review your submissions and will award you marks for them.