The 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.03 image not found on DigitalOcean

the 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04.03 image is not found on DigitalOcean after signup and receiving the credit. The versions of Ubuntu that my DigitalOcean account shows is as follows:
19.04 x64
18.10 x64
18.04 x64
16.04.6 x64
16.04.6 x32
Which one to select and how to proceed? Any link or guidance will be helpful.

You can get it from the old-releases as in
However, getting latest versions of 16.04 shouldn’t matter much. If anything they are supposed to offer better performances. Choose depending on your processor architecture 64bit or 32bit.

@meet.joshi.iitkgp You can use 16.04 x64 version of Ubuntu if the earlier versions are not available on Digital ocean.