The bolt iot device recived was aldready connected to some gmail

good morning ,
i am likhith venugopal i had taken an internship on machine learning and iot i recived my boltiot kit yesterday but its aldready connected to another gmail . my gmail
bolt id : bolt11774812
i saw another request as same as mine so i posted my gmail and my device id so please unlink my bolt iot device so that i can connect to it and use it

Restart the module and logout all the devices connected to Gmail
raise the issue with bolt support people and check the bugs which are cleared , clear the cache memory from it .
i hope this works

i dont know how to do that thats why i am asking support it is aldready connected to someone else s gmail not mine and how do i log out

i asked bolt support they told me to put my query on bolt forum so here i am

Apologies for the issue @likhithlikhith418 We have unlinked the device from the backend. Now you should be able to perform the linking steps without getting that message and the device will be linked to your account.

Let us know if you face any issues with that.

i am still getting the same error
as soon as i give it my wifi network password it connects automaticaly.after that i have no connection to my bolt device it only takes my wifi as soon as i disconnect my wifi it goes back to paring. once it had shown it was aldready connected to a unknown mail address and i was unable to note that mail address as it showed that mail address for a second or so.
it is still not connecting to my phone and i am not getting the bolt device connected to my phone

even after this page still no boltiot device is connected to my phone or laptop

You can try resetting the name and password of your wifi and then restart the setup process. It might get connected.

Hello @likhithlikhith418,

I’ve successfully linked the Bolt Device BOLT11774812 with You can now access the device by logging into the Bolt Cloud or using the Bolt IoT app with this email ID.

Proceed with the WiFi setup for your Bolt Device by following the outlined steps to connect it online. Afterward, you can resume your training.

Here is the link for the Wifi Setup that might help you.

  1. Video tutorial: Setup and build first project
  2. Text tutorial: Setup and build first project

thanks ,now it’s connected

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