The "from" in "from boltiotai install openai" error

Please rectify the problem that is shown in the above picture.
(The above snap is taken in the Repl Shell Tab)

Please reply fast :relieved:
I would be very happy.

Hi @ajitmec,

In the shell you have typed the wrong command.
Follow these Steps:

  1. Go to “Shell” Tab and type pip install boltiotai. After typing this, press ENTER to install the library.
  2. Your 1st line in the code had to be updated to from boltiotai import openai

Also, we have updated the video of this topic “Writing your first AI code using template” in the training content. Please refer to this video from the beginning. Your issue will get solved.

If the issue still persists please share a screenshot of your code and the error so that I can help you solve it.

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