The green light is glowing but in the phone no reaction it said failed to connect

I have connected my bolt cloud and perform alll procedures correctly . The blue and green light are glowing. But there is no conmection shown in the bolt app . The app cannot function properly

@enteamenyengkhom123 I think what you are saying is you cannot find your BOLT in the app.
Please do the following:
Change the password of your WiFi network. Then perform setup using the Bolt Mobile App. Once that’s done, if you want to revert your wifi to the previous password, do so and then set up your Bolt again by clicking the add device button in the Bolt Mobile App.

Hey i have even tried with different wifi … The green light glows but the app is telling me to select networks . But the green light is glowing stable

@enteamenyengkhom123 Please share a screenshot of the app.