The green light on my Bolt device in not glowing and device is not connecting to cloud

I bought the bolt iot course about a year back and completed the first few modules but then had to stop due to some resons. I decided to resume today but was unable to connect my device to the cloud.

Here is an image of my Device…

The green led is not glowing means your bolt is not getting internet access from your wifi network. And if this not helps them then try to setup your bolt module again through the mobile app. And if this also not works then change your wifi password and try to setup again.Hope this helps.

It means you Bolt is connected to your WiFi network but not getting the internet access. Enable the internet access from your wifi network.
If the problem still persists then go through the following links:

I hope this is useful

Thank you

Hi @bunnyjrsa,

We apologize for the significant delay in our response.

Could you please provide an update on the status of the LEDs on the Bolt Device? If you have already completed the steps for setting up the device’s Wi-Fi, it would be helpful to know the current status of the LEDs. This information will enable us to assist you with the Wi-Fi setup process and get you back on resuming with your training content.