The output is coming incorrect of the Topic : WRITING YOUR FIRST CODE USING AI TEMPLATES

I am doing the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE course and I am struggling to get an output of the topic FIRST CODE USING AI TEMPLATE , whatever said in video I did the same but output is different. plz help to resolve it

Hi @iec2021121 Your credit of openAI account has finished so limits are reached and you have no more free API access . Now create a new OpenAI account and use your free access.
Do let me know if it helps you.

iec2021121 Is the issue resolved for you?

Even after trying to change the API key after creating a new openAI account, the error is the same. PLEASE RESOLVE MY ISSUE

Hi @bhavana.390xo,

In the context of the API issue, it’s possible to encounter an error when you don’t have sufficient credits available for accessing OpenAI API keys. To address this problem, it’s essential to carefully check the status of your API key. This includes verifying if it has a zero balance or if it has expired.

If you encounter such issues, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Create a new account, and make sure to use a different phone number and a different email ID. It’s crucial that both the email and phone number are entirely different from the ones you used previously. If either the email or phone number matches the previous account, it may not work as expected.
  2. By creating a new account in this manner, you will receive $5 worth of credits, which will remain valid for three months.

This approach should help resolve the issue related to API credits and allow you to continue using the service effectively.

I have made done it again from new account and phone number, but still I not getting output in desired format.

We have explained how to format the output and get the information in the topic “Getting output”. Please refer to this topic. You will be able to get the output in the proper formatting.

If you face any issues let me know.