They said you should use html, css and javascript but there is no need to add any javaScript code!

I got the project of building single page ui of website. and they mentioned that we should use html, css and javascript. But i completed the website only using html and css …there is no need to add any javaScript code. What should i do ?

Hi @mohithk487
You can make a website using HTML and CSS but that website will be static. To make website dynamic and interactive JAVASCRIPT must be used.

  • Show or hide more information with the click of a button
  • Change the color of a button when the mouse hovers over it
  • Slide through a carousel of images on the homepage
  • Zooming in or zooming out on an image
  • Displaying a timer or count-down on a website
  • Playing audio and video in a web page
  • Displaying animations
  • Using a drop-down hamburger menu
    These are just few example of what JAVASCRIPT can do.
    If your project requires a dynamic website then you should use JAVASCRIPT and if static webpage is fine for you then no need to add JAVASCRIPT code.
    Happy Learning