Training option is not showing in my bolt iot account

have a claimed the bolt iot training offer and i have bought the kit but till now the training option is not shown in my kindly please look into it.

Mail to the with the picture of the kit which you have received. They are going to provide you with the coupon code.

If you are able to open your account then click on “go to course”

i just paid for the kit to access the training …i got the kit long back but till now i m not able to access training…may i know y… if i cant access the training pls send my money back

Did you get any other mail expect the kit traker mail… If not please mail the support team… and have u created an account on the cloud as mentioned in the mail…

ya i mailed to them. how many days it takes for them to send my coupon?

when I have mailed them their note was : We have a HOLIDAY over weekend, i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Hence any email sent between Friday 3 PM to Monday 8 AM IST will be replied on Monday by 7 PM. The best and the faster way to get response to your queries is

On weekdays you will get a reply within 24 working hours.

still i doesn’t get their reply

I would recommend you to check once in your spam

i go my training kit thank you