Trouble in forget password

Hey , Am facing trouble in logging in my account , In have forget my password , so I clicked on my forget password link I got like this as shown in figure!


Please respond quickly

Check if there is any space in the end.

There is no any space at the end

Hi @trewin.fedo,

As I can see you have used your google account to login into Bolt Cloud. Click on the Sign in with Google button and you will be able to login your account.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Where do I see sign in with google option?

Visit here - , click “Acces the training for the first time” and follow the steps accordingly without skipping anything.

The above URL was given to you on the card in the kit - “Steps to Access Training” maybe you didn’t check that.

You’ll be redirected to go to the with a course code that will avail you course coupon. Only if you follow the steps correctly, you’ll be able to access your training.

There you’ll have to first sign in with same/any email ID. But if you directly try to sign in you’ll not avail the coupon to be able to buy the course for free.

Make sure to follow the steps in the link I shared earlier.