Trouble with DigitalOcean

I have tried with may payment method to verify my account in digital ocean but every time I do payment it gets declined or failed or some random error and even I tried with the paypal too and it failed .

Make sure that you have enabled international usage of your debit card and have sufficient funds before proceeding to the payment.

If your card is still being declined, check the following common issues:

  • You are trying to pay with a prepaid card. DigitalOcean do not accept prepaid cards. You can try adding your prepaid card as a funding method on a Paypal account. If Paypal allows this, you could then use your Paypal account to fund your DigitalOcean account. Otherwise, you’d need to add a different card to your account.
  • The bank has accidentally flagged the transaction as fraudulent. Some banks errantly flag the transaction as fraudulent, especially if it’s an international transaction. Contact your bank to let them know that you do authorize these charges. The transaction name will have “DigitalOcean” in it. For example “DIGITALOCEAN.COM NET YORK CITY”.

If your error still persists, kindly share the error information.

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Thanks for your replay , it was really helpful