Troubleshooting Bolt device shown offline i.e. status is RED on app and cloud dashboard

I have written this post to help with troubleshooting of the Bolt device shown as offline on the Bolt Cloud dashboard or the Bolt IoT app on Android or iOS.

There are 2 major reasons why this could happen. I will list each of the reasons below, along with the most probable cause and solutions to resolve the issue.

1. The Bolt is not connected to the WiFi network:
This issue is indicated by the blue LED on the Bolt device blinking slowly.

This issue can be caused due to the following reasons:

  1. The Bolt is not in range of the WiFi network to which you had set it up for the first time or the network is no longer available e.g. in case you have shifted the Bolt device to a different location. You can either move the Bolt device closer to the WiFi network so that it can connect to it. If you have shifted the location of the Bolt device and the WiFi network is not available, you can either create a hotspot on your mobile device with same network name and password as the WiFi network you had configured the Bolt to connect to or you can repeat the setup process using the Bolt IoT app to connect the Bolt to a new WiFi network.
  2. The WiFi network name or password are not entered correctly. This is a very common reason for the Bolt device to not get connected to the WiFi network you have configured. The WiFi network name and password are case sensitive. Hence you have to carefully type the details to ensure that the details are correct and also ensure that no whitespace is added at the beginning, end of words or end of the name or password as this happens when you use autocomplete feature of your keyboard. Repeat the setup steps again and ensure that you have entered the details correctly. This usually solves the problem.
  3. You are trying to connect the Bolt device to a WiFi network of 5GHz. The Bolt device only supports 2.4GHz networks and hence you need to ensure that the WiFi network to which you are setting up the Bolt device is a 2.4 GHz network. The Bolt device does not connect to a 5 GHz network.

2. The WiFi network to which the Bolt is connected does not have Internet access.
This is usually indicated by the blue LED on the Bolt device being stable and the green LED is off. This means the Bolt is connected to the WiFi network but unable to connect to the Internet.

This can be caused due to the following reasons:

  1. The WiFi network has very slow Internet speed. In such a scenario, please disconnect the Bolt device from the WiFi network and set it up to a different WiFi network which has a good Internet speed.
  2. The WiFi network is an open network e.g. University WiFi or Hotel WiFi which requires a user ID and password once you are connected to the network. This kind of WiFi setup is suited for laptop and mobile devices as they have a GUI using which you can enter the details. However, the Bolt does not support such WiFi networks which have 2 levels of security. Hence you will need to disconnect the Bolt from the WiFi network and then set it up to a WiFi network which is of type WPA2/PSK. Usually the home WiFi networks or mobile hotspots work well.

Please follow the instructions given above to troubleshoot your device shown offline issue and let me know if there are any suggestions.

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i tried many times to connect it to network but it always flash ’ no internet connection’ on bolt app , although i wrote a proper name of network , i also check the above conditions you mentioned above. kindly help me or tell me how to replace bolt wifi module because i am not able to do my any project.

@sanudeepak6 Can you please let us know what steps you had already taken to connect the Bolt to the WiFi?

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I had the same problem. Please setup the bolt device from start again, and make sure that the wifi connection to both your bolt device and mobile phone (which has the bolt app installed) , is the same. Dont think there will be a defect in the module. Just try doing setup from start all over again.

turn the mobile data ON if your wifi router is a mobile phone and try again to bolt iot app. If you have a different wifi router than turn it OFF and again ON and try again to boltIoT app.

Sir, i have forgotten my wifi password of the hotspot, i know the ssid. How to reset the setup procedure? Can u help me!