Try out this interactive game on IoT and ML training

With the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, because of which a lockdown has been enforced in our country, we did not want learning to halt. We have been coming up with ways to make online learning fun and we have built an interactive quiz that you can take. Since you have already enrolled for the IoT and ML training, here’s a fun activity that we came up with.

Use the link: to join the quiz and then evaluate yourself and share it with others to challenge them.

All the best!

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I enjoyed having this quiz. Can you please make more quizzes like this.

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When I opened this link it shows me invalid code, I want to play this game, please help

The quiz ended on 3rd Match, we will be relaunching the quiz again. So Stay tuned to play the game. :slight_smile:

@sreejavijayagiri You can try out the game for this week. Here’s the link for the same:

Thank you,
I have doubdt regarding final exam,
When I open in my PC, it showinG it may take few seconds to fetch your orders ,but it is not showing my order status at all, how can I take my final exam in PC
Also I can see my orders in mobile.
Can you help me

Hi @sreejavijayagiri,

Apology for the inconvenience, Can you share your current chrome version and also update your chrome browser to the laster version and check if it is working.

Windows 7 is my laptop vision, but I don’t know how to update my vision, please give me another advice to take my exam in pc

Can i take the test at my mobile, will be any problem, please help

I have updated my laptop but also it is not fetching my orders,
Can I write throw mobile,? Will there be any problem with that?
If I get a phone call during exam attempting throw mobile will there be any problem?
Please help

so funny, so eazy, what about more hardest games?

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