Turn on mobile data

why we can turn on the mobile data when the app is showing no internet connection?as we have connected the bolt to the wifi network can the bolt be linked to the cloud account using mobile data
if after configuring bolt for that wifi network the app shows no internet connection??

i do not understand your answer please elaborate my question is do we need the same wifi network that we have configured our bolt device for to link the device to the cloud or we can use a different internet connection?

When we first connecting our wifi module alone we are turning on our wifi connection and turning off our mobile data by this the cloud could communicate with the device ,but after the wifi module(esp8266) gets connected ,it needs some internet connection for performing some actions so it alerts to turn the internet connectivity on,

Yes you need to connect same wifi network for linking device to cloud which you are using while configuring your Bolt Device. As only over the same network they can transfer data(push data) to cloud, when in need to.

Yes we need to connect to same network as it will help to share data.

I will make it simple for you . You take two mobile phones . let them be phone 1 and phone 2 TURN ON the mobile hotspot and phone internet in phone 1 and connect your IOT Bolt module to it. And in phone 2 install Bolt app from playstore and use it to control your bolt IOT module .

Hello, Ur mobile data can be used to get connected to the bolt cloud from ur own device. If after configuring for a particular wifi network, u don’t get any internet connection then u can switch to other wifi network which has the internet connection or via ur mobile data Make sure u r connected to same wifi network for connecting device to bolt cloud.

No, we cannot use a different wifi connection.