Twilio Account Number Allotment

I cant get a number on twilio for receiving messages.

@sachingoud200 Can you describe the issue you are facing a little bit more in detail? Any screenshot of issue that you are facing on Twilio would be great…

@ sachingoud200 While activating your twilio account you would be allotted a unique number from which you will receive SMS on your phone number. You have to correctly enter your number so that you could receive messages.
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@sachingoud200 Have you been able to get the number?

I am facing the same issue. As soon as i select on choose the number option it loads and then nothing happens. Please help asap.

Hii @zubairali28.zhcet,
I was also having the same issue few hours ago but right now I got my Number. In my case it was showing that I need to verify my mobile number to get free trial new number.
I am listing out the steps what I have done to get my number.

  1. Go to your Twilio Console page and select the the Phone Numbers tab which on the left hand side with # symbol.
  2. Click on “Verified Caller IDs”.
  3. Verify your mobile no. here by text or call.(Note:- It might take some time to send verification code.)
  4. Go to “Console Dashboard”.
  5. In Programmable SMS, click on “Get Started”.
  6. Click on “Get Number”.
  7. Click on “Choose any number”.
    Hope this will help you!
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I was facing a similar issue

Got it resolved!