Twilio account suspended

I received a mail regarding this which says:
In accordance with the [Twilio Terms of Service] (, we have temporarily suspended your account as it came up in a recent security audit of our system.

We’ll need your help to complete a review of this account and determine if reactivation is possible. Incomplete or missing answers to the following questions will result in delay of this process.

  1. Please provide a detailed description of your use case and how you intend to use Twilio’s services along with supporting proof. For example, if you plan to send marketing SMS to your customers, we would review how your end-users are opting in to receive those messages. You may choose to include:
  • links to the website/URL for this process
  • screenshots or a scan/copy of the opt-in process
  1. If you wish to use Twilio for your business, please provide a link to your website or app. If your Twilio account’s email domain differs from your website domain, please provide an email address from your business domain where we can send you a verification email .

  2. If you have created other accounts or projects at Twilio previously, please provide a complete list of emails you have used to sign up with so we can effectively review your profile.

Thanks for your help, we look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @y.soni
Note that
you get $15.50 trial balance on your twilio account for use .
Hope this information is useful for you.


You will have to write back to twilio with relevant replies to the above questions asked by them.

You can reply on below lines to the questions.
1] I am undergoing training on IoT and creating a project wherein I sent SMS only to my number if the threshold of the sensor data I am gathering exceeds. I won’t be using this account for any kind of marketing and will be solely using it for training purpose

2] I won’t be using Twilio for business.

For 3rd question answer depending on whether you had created an account of Twilio earlier or not.

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