Ubuntu not able install according my laptop configuration

My laptop lenovo of 64 bits with i3 processor 8 gb ram and trying install ubuntu on the virtual box but not working Image attached please suggest some solution

Open the virtual machine settings. Go to the Version dropdown box (General > Basic > Version).

If you don’t see “Ubuntu(64 bit)” as an option in the dropdown, it means that virtualization is not enabled on the host.

Reboot the host, go in to BIOS and enable Virtualization. Exit the BIOS, making sure you save changes.

Now, you should see all the 64 bit options in the Version dropdown box.
I hope this might help you:slightly_smiling_face:

Rebooting host n virtualization enabling possible to show by image

what type of OS you are using, windows or something else

Actually i was not bois function for lenovo 310 ideapad cz in hp it has f10 but for lenovo it has other as shown in image below by pressing pin we get option and enable the virtual configuration in configuration tap

Then now how to run system unbuntu?