Ubuntu server in Virtual Box not responding

After opening Ubuntu Server in Virtual box , At some moment it stops and wont go further.Capture|585x500

@hasanshah0404 Can you share the specs of your PR and the VM that you have created?

My Virtualbox is 5.2.34 and Ubuntu server is ubuntu-16.04.6-server-i386

@hasanshah0404 What specification is your PC? Alternatively, you can use VMWare if Virtualbox is not working.

hi sir
I am using ubuntu in oracle VM virtual box in my windows 10
when I was type python version in my ubuntu terminal its show cmd is not founded
let me know how I can install packages of python and python libraries in ubuntu and bolt iot libraries

and also I tried this cmd to sudo apt install python3 pip,sudo pip3 install bolt iot
please share information as soon as possible
I was struck at the project 6

hello @chundurupavan1999
You have typed the wrong commands as of I had observed as in the beginning for updates, you should have given a space between get and -y. Because while not giving space in between, it’s a invalid command. Next, for installing and managing package, put - in between python3 and pip. In the end, for installing library, write the command sudo pip3 install boltiot