Unable to access the course

This is a query regarding the online iot and ml training. I have received the hardware kit and paid on cash on delivery method. It has been over weeks and i haven’t been able to access the course till now. I didn’t receive the access code too. The payment status shows “awaiting delivery confirmation”. What is the next step i should be taking to access the course ?

verify your email or otherwise contact to any person in Bolt IoT person.

Even I am facing this problem too…did you get any solution ?


@ramaraju.ganapathi12 @saieswar31500

Please check your order confirmation email to know how to access the course.
We have updated your payment status, you should be able to access the course now.

I am also facing the same problem. It has been 7 days that I received the kit but I am unable to access the training page.


As per the tracking URL of your order https://www.ekartlogistics.com/track/SRTC0018251861/, I can see that the order is rejected.
This might be due to the mistake of the courier company. Due to this our system was not able to track that the kit was delivered.

Can you please share pics of the kit that you have received and the packaging with the label that shows your details to support@boltiot.com? We shall immediately provide course access to you once you provide the above details.

check your order confirmation email once again and try to copy and paste the coupons, not write because sometimes miscorrections occur that can lead you to invalid coupon.