Unable to add device though device is connected to Wifi

Hi, I have completed the setup until the device gets connected to a WiFi network. Both Blue & Green lights are glowing in a stable form but neither my smartphone nor my laptop is showing up the device. The message displayed on my smartphone is NO DEVICE ADDED. I have an updated version of chrome. I have tried refreshing, logging in again. Please help me with a solution.

Hi @abduls.17.beau,
Can you please confirm if you are logged in with the same email with which you had setup your Bolt?

try adding your device again and please kindly check ur following steps correctly

Yes. It is abduls.17.beau@acharya.ac.in

Anyway thanks, now i have added my device.

Thank you, I have added my device.

@abduls.17.beau You’re most welcome. Do let me know if you need any further assistance.