Unable to add device to bolt cloud even though it is connected to wifi

my bolt module is already connected to wifi, but the app isnt allowing me to add device to bolt cloud. Both blue and green lights are lit. So I tried doing all the process again but the bolt hotspot isnt showing up and both the LEDs are lit up.
USB cable and everything else is fine.
Is there any way I could reset bolt module or is there any solution?

Hi @sanmitha ,
do the following:
Change the password of your WiFi network. Then perform setup using the Bolt Mobile App. Once that’s done, if you want to revert your wifi to the previous password, do so and then set up your Bolt again by clicking the add device button in the Bolt Mobile App.

I had the same issue while doing it. You just have to do the whole process again from starting to resolve the problem.

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thank you sir, it worked

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@sanmitha Anytime. We are always there to help. Do let me know if you need any other help.