Unable to connect bolt device to bolt cloud

Not able to connect bolt device to bolt cloud

there can be chances of the power issue

and if possible please tell about the behaviour of light on the bolt device

It may be possible that bolt module isn’t getting enough power to work on it enough current to work on so please check your USB cable and your power source before connecting it to module

@hiba.suman20 Can you please elaborate on the issue you are facing? Please share what you have done till now.

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it could be internet connectivity issue too. share screenshots

In that case, there may be either of the 2 problems mentioned:

  1. The power supply to the bolt device may not be proper. Check the blue LED, and if you dont find it glowing or blinking, try changing your power source or adapter or cable.
  2. If the blue LED is blinking slowly that means power supply is alright but not connected to router. In this case check your router and the internet connectivity it provides. After verifying this you need to make sure that both the LED’s are glowing constantly.

try using a different usb chord
and check the power supply and if possible use a phone charger instead of a power bank it worked for me

Please elaborate on the issue you are facing.
Either your bolt module is not recieving power properly or it is not connected to the wifi properly

Please check whether you have connected your bolt device properly on the cloud and later try to connect the USB cable with the device . Take precaution cause you might even damage the equipment if their is no proper connection. Thank you.