Unable to connect bolt device to internet via mobile hotspot

hello sir,
I have powered on to my bolt device then blue led blinking slowly, then i open bolt app on mobile phone and connect wifi bolt and my blue led blinking fastly , then i have on my hotspot on same mobile ,and then followed i have on my mobile data but then automatically my blue led blinking slowly ,i had tried again and again but every times got failure.sir i have one mobile and one laptop and don’t have wifi connection ,then how can i able to make both led stable , please help me

Try following this procedure:

  1. Open Bolt IoT App in your phone.

  2. Power ON the module.

  3. Switch ON location settings.

  4. Switch OFF the mobile data.

  5. Add hotspot details. Ensure that the SSID and password are same as your mobile hotspot. Check the box ensuring that you connect with your mobile hotspot.

  6. Switch ON the mobile data. Ensure that the AP band is 2.4 GHz.

  7. Once the Bolt module verifies and gets connected, verify WiFi setup.

There! You have connected your Bolt WiFi module to your mobile hot spot.

hello sir,
I did all the steps as you said but though i am not able make both led stable . It has given error. I am sending screenshots in which you can see. please tell me what exactly mistake i did .

hey ,
see you are saying your bolt connected to your hotspot. after that you have to configure your bolt device to some wifi , so you cannot use both hotspot and wifi in single mobile at a single point of time . so please take the help of other mobile .

follow these steps in second device

  1. install bolt app.
  2. open wifi and connect to bolt device hotspot
  3. open hotspot from your first device where you have internet access.
  4. complete the steps in bolt app and finally connect to hotspot of your first mobile . (just follow the app ,it says what to do ,just do it).

make your whichever hotspot you gave during configuration of bolt device , it is active and has internet access throughout. your bolt device will automatically connect to that hotspot whenever it finds it.

hello sir,
I have one mobile and one laptop , so could i do through the laptop . But in laptop when wifi is on , it ask for security code . what is security code?
is this can’t do without second mobile? please tell me alternative way with the help my laptop.

first of all if you want perform without second mobile you will need to wifi router because once to connect to the internet through wifi router and once like your mobile connect to the boltiot device and then you can do this without second mobile
Thank You

Pawan Vishwakarma

Hi @wakode.vipulr.met19
It is actually possible to connect bolt device to internet via a single device (mobile). I have done the same. Follow the steps:

  1. Power On the Bolt Wifi Module via USB cable. Blue light will blink slowly.
  2. Switch Off Mobile data and Hotspot (if On) initially and switch on Wifi in your mobile.
  3. Connect the Mobile Wifi with Bolt Wifi Module hotspot. Once it is connected, the blue light will blink fast.
  4. Open Bolt IoT app in mobile and proceed further. Once it shows, it is ready to connect, click on it and give the details (Network SSID and Password, same as mobile hotspot).
  5. Once you do this, it will ask to switch on the hotspot and mobile data. Do that.
  6. Initially for 3-4 seconds Blue LED will again blink slowly, as its hotspot will be disconnected, but don’t worry. After the mobile data and hotspot connection is stabilised, it will cause both the LED to glow steadily.
    Hope it helps. I did the same.

yes sir,
it is working thanks a lot