Unable to connect ios to bolt

i have been trying to connect my ios device to bolt wifi module and the blue light does not stop blinking…it keeps on blinking at a fast rate and it never gets connected. i waited for 20 minutes and the blue light was still blinking. please guide how to connect it to my ios device with step-to-step instructions.

@mk2003god The Blue light blinking means that it is connected to the phone’s WiFi. Has any other phone connected to the Bolt?

use bolt app to connect bolt to your ios device in that each and every steps are explained clearly

Sir if you are first time trying to connect bolt with your phone hotspot by opening bolt app in same phone ,u may face internet connectivity problem so I prefer u to use two phones open the app in one mobile phone with ur account credentials to connect other phones hotspot .but if u are connecting with WiFi directly then it can be done from one phone by opening bolt app

If you are trying it first time then use two source of data connections. One is your pone’s mobile data and another is the other one which you are using may it be a phone’s Hot spot or any jioFi . First connect your ios device with a power source and proceed to connect with your phone . Then a pop up will come if your phone’s data is on. Off the mobile data. If you’re doing the course in a pc or laptop then internet access should be from other device ,it should not be from the phone which you’re using to link with the bolt account. Then some instructions will come in your phone and click on ready every time. Now when the device is connected to a wifi connection (the other one) the blue light will be stable. As bolt is connected with a other wifi so green light will be stable in the bolt wifi module and now bolt is connected with your phone(In which bolt app is downloaded and which you are using as the device).