Unable to connect to cloud

my wifi module is showing both blue and green LED’s stable and the mobile app says the device is connected to cloud successfully, but the cloud dashboard is not showing my device.

Please check if your WiFi network has Internet connectivity. Off wifi in your moblie phone and on internet in your phone. Try this it should works.

Complete the setup device steps again.

Or turn off the existing wifi modem which is connected to the bolt module and connect new wifi network or hotspot to the bolt module.

Refresh the devices, if there are both light on, there must be not a problem. I think refreshing might help :slight_smile:

First reconnect the bolt module and follow the steps to setup the device as shown bolt iot application .
Then if you see both blue and green lights stable but cloud dashboard not showing any device then refresh the page and go to products and click on link device and connect your device .
Try this it worked for me

Hi @suparni.maitra ,
Do the following:
Change the password of your WiFi network. Then perform setup using the Bolt Mobile App. Once that’s done, if you want to revert your wifi to the previous password, do so and then set up your Bolt again by clicking the add device button in the Bolt Mobile App.

If it doesn’t work, let us know.

I have done the setup again, and have managed to connect it successfully. Thank you for the help.

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Check internet connection and reload the page

@suparni.maitra No problem. We are always there to help. Do let me know if you need any other help.