Unable to go further from here

Hi there @yaminichauhan36955
First off save that file . the name should have .html in the end and only have lowercase letters in it . e.g project.html.

after saving just open the chrome webpage alongside it by split screening and that’s it just start coding

@yaminichauhan36955 Can you elaborate a on your issue? What are you not able to do?

For the typescript I am getting only these 3 options as in the picture shared. Which one should I be installing so as to get “typescriptreact” as an option

Kindly help me select the options I should choose.Here I am getting only these three options as in the screenshot.How do I get ‘typescript’ as one of the options?

@yaminichauhan36955 Apologies for hte the delay in replying to you. Can you please tell me your sublime text version? it will be available in the about option.

Hi @yaminichauhan36955

You don’t need to install typescript/react.
You can save the file as file_name.ts and you are good to go.

@yaminichauhan36955 You are on the latest version of Sublime. So you can skip the step of installing the of the typescript package.

As Typescript is already installed in the version of Sublime that you have. So you can proceed with the next steps for your learning. If you face any issues while building the project let me know.

Thank you so much.Also kindly help me resolve this issue too

Hi @yaminichauhan36955

The error you are getting is mainly because the import statement in your code cannot find the specified module or file . Please specify the correct file path in the import statement.

If you still face issue, please feel free to get back to us.

hi…thanks for replying.I’ve actually checked it 100x yet it doesn’t seem to work.please let me know what am I doing wrong here

Hi @yaminichauhan36955 can you share the code files with us so that we can check?