Unable to Install bolt library

I have run all the commands as per the “Setup the Bolt Python Library” section of the module but I’m getting the below results

Apart from this, I have also run the pip install boltiot command and the results are the same
Kindly help me install the Bolt python library
Thank You!

Please help,
My training is stuck due to this problem.

1st try run “sudo apt install python3-pip”
then run “sudo pip install --upgrade pip”
After then run “sudo pip3 install boltiot”

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Can you try the steps mentioned by @athuldharaniyedathat?

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Hi @athuldharaniyedathat and @yeshwant.naik,
I tried to execute the above commands, However, it was not successful.
But then I uninstalled VirtualBox and Installed the Vmware and the commands were executed.
So, the problem is solved.
Thank you for your response !!!