Unable to install vmware

hello sir, I couldn’t install the Vmware as it is not the same version as seen in the video lecture as i couldn’t fine the same version . so, I installed from virtualbox7.0.12 platforms in which it is showing to install microsoft visual c++ 2019( virtualbox ) .

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-30 at 11.56.09_17f1c8d7

Hi @indoorubhargavi,

Certainly. It seems like you’ve successfully installed VirtualBox 7.0.12 but encountered a prompt to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 during the VirtualBox installation.
In this case, it’s advisable to proceed with the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2019, as it is likely a required component for VirtualBox to run smoothly on your system.

Go ahead and install Microsoft Visual C++ in your system and follow the steps as shown in the video.
You can get back to us if you are still facing any issues.

Get Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 installed:

Go to the official Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 download page from Microsoft.
If your system is 64-bit, download and install the x64 version; if it is 32-bit, download and install the x86 version.
Restart your computer:

Restarting your computer after installing Microsoft Visual C++ will guarantee that the modifications take effect.
Check the Installation of VirtualBox:

Start VirtualBox after your computer has rebooted to make sure the installation went well and that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 requirement is no longer a problem.

Alternative VMware Solutions:

If you still feel that VMware is the better choice, you might want to look into the following:
Verify VMware Compatibility Make sure the VMware version you are installing is compatible with the OS you are using.
Get the Accurate Version Here: Download the VMware version that is compatible with your operating system and prerequisites by going to the official VMware website.
VMware Installation Updates or Repairs (Optional):

If VMware is still giving you trouble, you might think about updating or fixing the installation if you’ve previously done it.

@indoorubhargavi Was your issue resolved or are you still facing issue? Do share a screenshot if you are still facing issue so that we can help you.

try downloading the trial versions for vmware, if you are expecially working in mac