Unable to login to the training

Hi their i am trying to login to training but the page is stuck on page ss given below

Please tell possible solutions

you can write a mail about your issue to bolt iot by your registred email only
and another way is to login with teachable account it will help you to log in in training.

Teachable account sorry i didn’t get you

Hi @saimnakhwa.02 Try to connect it in another browser or make sure there is no any ad blocker. If possible login your training account in laptop if above method doesn’t work.
Do let me know if above method works.

have been trying to login to my account for the but not able to it says wrong password so how can i change my password

Hi @see_rana Yes , you can change the password.

i have already tried that but i am not able to find the email in my spam or inbox even in other folders

Hi @see_rana ,

You can click on forgot password and can enter your mail ID.Make sure you enter the same email ID using which you had purchased the training.
You’ll receive a link in the email you supplied that will enable you to reset your account password.If you don’t see the email, check other places it might be, like your junk, spam, social, or other folders.

Try clicking on Resend Email if it doesn’t work.