Unable to open developer page

I am unable to open developer page

after entering on the browser , it says webpage not available

Please share a screenshot of the browser when you have entered the command.

For uploading your own index.htm page type BOLT_IP_Address/developer
For example
Now choose your file and click on upload

Note: /developer is missing in your link shown in the image.
also, make sure you out the correct IP address.

There seems to be an issue with the firmware of your Bolt. Apologies.
Please courier your Bolt or Drop in to the office of Inventrom for a replacement.
Note: In case you are personally coming over then please call @pranav.kundaikar.inv on 95-45-837126 to confirm if he is present.

Unzip and copy this file to the Bolt microSD card. Click Here

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Thanks @leroylobo. This should solve the problem @lenndias15. You will need a microSD card adaptor for this though.


I am also facing the same problem.

And I am getting the following error whenever I am clicking the link:

How can I resolve it?

@himanshumanghani95 Which link is this which you are clicking on?

Link with respect to the following post , mentioned in this thread. (tried with google chrome, Microsoft edge browser,etc.)

Ignore the olde link… Its an outdated process. Now refer to Updates to the Bolt SD card Files

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