Unable to run AI Code

(Writing your first AI code using template | Bolt IoT)
With reference to this training code, I have written my code and getting the following issue:-

Can you send me a picture or a screenshot of the Usage of the API keys.
go to platform.openai.com ---- Click on personal ---- Go to view API keys ---- click on usage
and send a whole screenshot of the window

Sir I have followed the training of writing the first ai code but I am unable to get output from that code instead I get this error please help to get rid from this

Hello, we are looking into this issues. It would be really helpful if you could attach a screenshot of the Open AI page.
go to platfrom.openai.com ---- go to API ---- click on personal ---- go to view API Keys ---- on the left hand side, click on Usage.
After clicking on Usage, send me the screenshot of the whole window.